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Would you like to become a member of Brio Brass?

Brio rehearses only two days a month and performs about a dozen times a year (schedule). Our members have found this to be a relatively light commitment.

This light schedule also allows many of our members to participate in other musical groups as well. So if you currently play in another group you could still easily participate in Brio as well.

We've also been able to accommodate students or retirees that live out of town in the winter but return to the Twin Cities in the summer. Please contact us for details (see Contact Info below).

Intrumentation Needs

Brio Brass started in 1999 with 22 players and today we have grown to about 57 players...and continue to grow. Currently we do need a couple more players to fill out the ranks and give us the balance we desire:

  • French Horn
  • 3rd Trombone
  • Tuba
  • Lower lead trumpet with strong improvisation skills
  • 4th Trumpet

If you are an experienced musician and play one of the instruments above wed be interested in talking with you.

Contact Info

If you'd like more information please contact Brio Brass at briobrass@gmail.com or call Penny at 651-324-7613.

Rehearsal Info

We rehearsal at:
    Anthony Middle School - Auditorium
    5757 Irving Ave S
    Minneapolis, MN 55419

If you need a Map to our rehearsal facility: map

Mound Theatre - December of 2013

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